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Fix PDF Icon Launches White Screen in IE

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Here's the fix that I applied on this site.

From what I can gather, this is a bug in IE, that might get covered in Joomla 1.6 code

This somewhat dated article describes a fix that I applied, but it didn't work because it doesn't cover IE8.

I got this to work for IE8 by "hacking the hack" as follows (sorry you will need to read the short article linked above to understand my tweaks).

To make this work for IE8 I added these lines next to Jon's:

elseif (stristr($navigator_user_agent, "msie 8")) 
                $browser = 'msie8';
                $dom_browser = false;

Then when updating the icon.php file, I used

if (($user_browser == 'msie7')||($user_browser == 'msie8')) {

That seemed to do the trick.